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Data Protection and Privacy are complex, multifaceted and contextual notions that are not often the primary requirement of an organisation, software or even of consumer’s interest. Nonetheless, it is a human right, that we, all, rely on to safely do things online and offline.

Thus, I attempt to provide the main points of what the laws and cases say and simplify the understanding of the challenges in data management.

The aim? keep you updated, because only knowledge gives us the chance to push the things for better. All content has been structured in clear infographics for your perusal; on the bottom, you can find the sources for your review as well. Don’t believe anything, just because I write it here, double-check, that is why the access of the law is public/free.

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Finally, just to say thank you. This website runs solo, without tracking cookies, so I appreciate the Word-of-Mouth to spread the real content 🙂