About The Blog

This Blog has been created with the intention to make legal and regulatory developments in privacy and data protection easy to understand. This project started because of the unprofessionalism going on –below the standard and unethical– and the unfortunate prevailing ignorance. In a way to respond, I began to write with the idea to reach professionals who could see the importance of the topic, with whom to share and grow.

With time I realised that raising awareness of data protection and privacy go beyond any field or selfish interest; since any harm to this human right –irrespective who did it or who was the target– affects us all. The broader social dimensions of privacy and data protection involve our core social values; hence a threat can jeopardise our democracy, security, self-governance, fair competition, creativity, even our state as rational beings.

Therefore, this Blog is, and always will be, committed to raising awareness –what is privacy and data protection, why is important and how we can protect it– To keep it simple, I use the ability to think and communicate in visual terms; and, in order to reach out, I address the general public as well as professionals, respectively.

If the above also makes sense to you, and you are interested in contributing to this Blog with your knowledge and expertise, you are welcome to contact us by email at info@lawinfographic.com