About This Blog

I am writing a blog that I wished I have found at the beginning of my journey in this interdisciplinary area.

Privacy is a complex, multifaceted and contextual notion that, together with Data Protection, is not often the primary requirement of any organisation, system or consumer. Nonetheless, it is a human right, and we rely on it to be respected every single day.

I attempt to provide the law, regulations and policies in a digestible format for free. You can subscribe to the Newsletter and get an update on what I am publishing weekly.

For the sake of transparency, for me to pay what I am giving for free, I work. I provide effective tech, legal and compliance solutions. Feel free to reach me out on LinkedIn.

Finally, just to say thank you. I run solo, without tracking cookies, so I appreciate your support. Because stronger than the 227 billion-a-year Adtech industry is the worth of the Word-of-Mouth 🙂